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Advantages of VeeRa

Different budgets in one place

VeeRa is a tool for working and creating together. All parties from a municipality mayor to a school principal can now work with budgets at the same time, irrespective of their location or the device and the software they use

Numbers that have a meaning

Veera budgeting software makes it possible to add comments and clarification to numbers – it makes communication clear, changes traceable and their causes understandable – all of that in one environment.

Numbers are easy to manage

VeeRa enables to manage numbers simply and conveniently through different report views. VWith just a few clicks it is possible to move in between a budgets big view and smaller details.

Different ´what if?´ scenarios can be gone through in the process of assembling a budget.

Clients about us

Time saving is great using VeeRa for budgeting. Heads of subunits insert the data from budgets in their command and the head of finances has a continuous view – no need to merge tables-files, double-check formulas or spend time double entering. A very important advantage of VeeRa is that all parties are in one space. The possibility to add comments and files to numbers has a lot of benefits. Planning and decisions are more transparent.
Inge Elissaar, head of Hiiu municipality finance department
Budgeting is now much easier. Cant imagine doing it in Excel the old way. No need to worry about formulas being on point.
Leie Hääl, Setomaa municipality finance advisor
I like VeeRa and will recommend it to a colleague. What I like the most about VeeRa is that it calculates for me – no need to worry if all formulas are working in tables, rows are covered with formulas. The involvement of parties is always quaranteed. Data inserting load also distributes, time-cost for the head of finance is significantly lower. Report possibilities are extensive in report view, easy to set. From my own experience I can say that the bigger the organization, the less we can manage the budgeting process without a good auxiliary. VeeRa makes budgeting easy, convinient and numbers talking.
Tiina Jaksi, Viljandi municipality finance advisor
Very good that we have VeeRa. It is a good auxiliary tool, because our finance workers are located in different places. Assembling the budget with Excel we would be in a difficult place.
Silja Vask, Toila municipality head of accounting
I really like VeeRa, it´s all I would use.
Imbi Rõivassepp, head of Valga financial department

Our clients

VeeRa has found plenty of thankful users since launching in march of 2017

Some figures:

  • VeeRa has more than 500 active users.
  • In 2017 more than 50 local government units, which makes 15% of post administrative reform local self-governments, that is 16 municipalities.
  • There are over 120 thousand residents in governments that have joined VeeRa.
  • 9 countys out of 15 are represented.

Users of VeeRa are visible on the map.

Hiiumaa municipality

Toila municipality

Haapsalu city

Tori municipality

Elva municipality

Kambja municipality

Alutaguse municipality

Peipsiääre municipality

Valga municipality

Viljandi municipality

Mulgi municipality

Setomaa municipality

Kose municipality

Haljala municipality

Kehtna municipality

Mustvee municipality

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