Volume of managed budgets
Hours saved annually

“In Excel, the probability of a logical error for every 150 lines is 90%” KPMG
Do not use Excel as an information system or data warehouse – VeeRa is a great solution for this!

Start using the best financial planning software

Our solution is built by professionals in the finance, accounting and IT industry, using best knowledge about planning and managing customer budgets with different organisations. No need to rely on Excel tables anymore!

All your budgets in one place

VeeRa is a tool for creating and managing budgets. All parties from a municipality mayor to a school principal can now simultaneously work with budgets regardless of their location, the device and the software they use!

Numbers that have a meaning

VeeRa financial planning and budgeting software makes it possible to add comments and adjustments to all entries – it makes communication clear and changes traceable – all in one application!

Numbers are easy to manage

VeeRa enables to manage your numbers simply and conveniently through different report views. With just a few clicks it is possible to move in between a budget ́s general view and smaller details. Alternative “what if” scenarios can be considered in the process of assembling a budget!

Why to choose VeeRa?

We help organisations and financial departments to focus on their main tasks and to improve work efficiency

Our team is experienced in finance and IT

We have been working in finance and IT since 1991 and we know the struggles that a financial officers, chief executives and managers faces. That’s the reason why we have created the VeeRa solution.

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