Why should I use VeeRa when I am already using Excel for budgeting and administration?2021-04-28T15:23:43+03:00

KPMG estimates that the likelihood of a logical error in Excel is 90% for every 150 lines. Yes, your Excel is most likely in good order, but maintaining it in good order definitely takes a lot of time and it is often very difficult for other users to understand your Excel. Excel is not suitable for use as an information system or a data warehouse! VeeRa renders work processes significantly faster, more secure, and more observable.

How much does VeeRa cost?2021-04-28T15:24:14+03:00

The price of VeeRa consists of two parts. The first part is a one-time implementation charge, which also includes interfacing with the existing business software and training of the users, if required. The second part is a monthly fee which depends on the size of the organisation and the number of users. The number of users is unlimited. In order to receive a specific quote, feel free to contact us.

Why should I use VeeRa if I can receive the data on budgetary execution from my business software?2021-05-07T07:54:23+03:00

VeeRa allows for planning and analysing the budget, playing through various scenarios, including what-happens-when, and conducting extremely thorough analytics when monitoring the implementation of the budget (e.g. the inclusion of a pivot function). Compared to other business software, VeeRa is modular, user-friendly, and has low costs per user. VeeRa enables the heads of divisions and departments to conveniently plan and monitor the implementation of the budget from all levels.

What is VeeRa’s advantage compared to its competitors?2021-04-28T15:25:12+03:00

VeeRa is a ready-made cloud-based application that can be used immediately. Implementation is fast and there is no need for expensive separate developments in order to get a tailor-made experience. Furthermore, the price of VeeRa is cheap compared to numerous other solutions.

How difficult is implementing VeeRa and interfacing it with other business software?2021-04-28T15:25:29+03:00

Implementing VeeRa is simple and convenient for the customer. We enter the budgets for the periods the customer requires; in order to avoid any inconsistencies, we bring into conformity the accounting and the budgeting classification and securely interface VeeRa with business software via the API. Then we train the users. We never deliver an empty working environment to the customer, but instead provide views with data that is familiar to them.

How secure is VeeRa?2021-05-07T07:59:27+03:00

The ISO 27001:2013 Certificate has been issued to the application. Data traffic with business software is encrypted.

Where is VeeRa’s data stored?2021-04-28T15:25:59+03:00

The data of VeeRa’s customers is stored in Amazon’s (AWS) server in Ireland, on the territory of the European Union. AWS’s servers also comply with the requirements of the ISO 27001:2013 Certificate.

How difficult is it to learn to use VeeRa and actually use it?2021-04-28T15:26:21+03:00

The implementation of the application includes user training. The environment includes guidelines in PDF format as well as videos. VeeRa’s user support is always available via e-mail and telephone. The feedback from users so far has been extremely positive and the process of learning to use the application has been swift and smooth.