VeeRa’s advantages

VeeRa helps make budget management and the related working processes easier. Creating budgets becomes faster and more convenient; the budgets themselves become more transparent, and time use within the organisation becomes significantly more efficient. Compared to Excel, the number of errors is significantly reduced and the data is stored securely. The application can be freely used all over the world. Compared to the expensive tailor-made solutions offered by major business software providers, the VeeRa application is ready to use and has an affordable price.

Data visualisation

A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes. In addition to managing numbers, many of our customers also wish to visualise data. We offer this to our clients both inside VeeRa and by means of separate public views created on the basis of Power BI in interactive visualised administration desktops. Power BI (Power Business Intelligence) is a scalable business analysis solution created by Microsoft which allows offering interactive visualisation and business information solutions along with external interfaces.

Integration of VeeRa and Power BI

We offer Power BI views according to the wishes of the customer. Although it might appear at first glance that creating Power BI views is as simple as creating charts in Excel, it’s not really the case. Power BI allows for creating extremely complex data structures and relationships, and programming skills are sometimes required. We can offer you a professional service and solutions. Many of our customers are already using the integrated VeeRa and Power BI solutions that we provide and the feedback has been excellent. If you wish to quickly separate the most important parts of the existing data and expect ease of use, feel free to contact us! Other external databases can be interfaced with Power BI in addition to VeeRa. We can create the perfect solution for you by integrating VeeRa and Power BI. By taking your management processes to a new digital level, we are able to help you save time and money and make your working processes significantly more efficient.